Ode To An Auto Rickshaw

Compass Quartet

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Compass Quartet explore the sounds of India with an intriguing collaboration on their second album “Ode to an Auto Rickshaw”. 

Featuring guests Sarangan Sriranganathan (sitar and vocals) and Bobby Singh (tabla), the music relates and reflects the traditions of North India, Jazz and Contemporary Classical music, utilising unique sonic possibilities. 

Combining the diverse paths of two pairs of saxophone players, Compass Quartet – Christina Leonard, Jeremy Rose, Matthew Ottignon, Luke Gilmour – form an interesting and new dynamic ensemble. Inspired by the idea of breaking down barriers between classical music and improvised jazz, Compass Quartet take an innovative and flexible approach to concert programming, combining influences as that are distinct, new and unusual. 

'Ode to an Auto Rickshaw' features a five-part 'River Meeting Suite', composed by Earshift Music founder Jeremy Rose, and the title track, composed by composer/saxophonist Sandy Evans. 

Christina Leonard – soprano saxophone
Jeremy Rose – alto saxophone
Matthew Ottignon – tenor saxophone
Luke Gilmour – baritone saxophone
Sarangan Sriranganathan – vocals and sitar
Bobby Singh - tabla 

released October 11, 2016


"Compass is a fascinating, exciting & inspiring project" 
Australian Stage
Reviewed by Brad Syke

"What a recording; this is really worth listening to!" 
Jazz Action Society
Reviewed by Joy Mestroni

"The horns curl around one another in dramatic precision, or explode in joyous or sultry improvisation.” 
Sydney Morning Herald
Reviewed by John Shand