Volume 1


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1. Laughing Jackass And The Sunfire
2. Keegan The Pikey
3. Frigate Bird Blues
4. Declan And The Fish Hawk
5. Betta E Una Balena
6. From The Gates Of Garfish
7. Lord Tanuki Himself
8. Matty Meets The Mouse
9. Boss Bone Green
10. Priority Boarding
11. El Ultimo Hombre

Nick Garbett: Trumpet, Organ, Keyboards
Matt Keegan: Tenor Saxophone
James Greening: Trombone
Peter Farrar: C Melody Saxophone (tracks 5,11) 
Paulie Bromley: Bass, Guitars
Declan Kelly: Drums, Percussion, Guitars
Matt Smith: Guitar (track 8) 
Carlos Adura: Percussion

Produced by Nick Garbett
Co-produced by Paulie B and Declan Kelly

All compositions registered with APRA © 2015

Released December 1, 2015