Acclaimed jazz saxophonist Matthew Ottignon’s latest project Mister Ott brings together some of Sydney’s finest musicians in an Ethiopian flavoured musical excursion combining eastern sounds and hypnotic rhythms with groove-heavy funk. Following the resurgence in Ethio-soul from the popular Ethiopiques series as well as Matthew’s touring in Ethiopia with iconic world music export Dereb the Ambassador, Mister Ott’s new album Drop it Like it’s Ott is a high calibre instrumental dance album that crosses world music with jazz, Ethiopian and funk.

Mister Ott have released two singles Mattaraja and Take it Higher.Drop it Like it’s Ott is their debut album, released bt Earshift in October 2014. The band has performed throughout Sydney since 2011 at venues such as Venue 505, The Basement, Foundry 616 and others, as well as recently in Amsterdam and Paris. They play to critical acclaim, including radio support on ABC Radio National and community radio stations throughout Sydney.