Earshift Music showcase 2019: Holopeak / Blueprints Trio / Coursed Waters / Underwards

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Earshift Music Presents: Holopeak 'Summit Over’ album launch / Steve Barry Blueprints Trio / Sam Gill'S Coursed Waters / Ellen Kirkwood + Hilary Giddes UNDERWARDS

Come celebrate 10 years for the Earshift Music label and the launch of Holopeak’s new album 'Summit Over’

Holopeak 'Summit Over’ ALBUM LAUNCH
Steve Barry Blueprints Trio /
Sam Gill Coursed Waters /
Ellen Kirkwood + Hilary Giddes UNDERWARDS


Holopeak (Summit Over album launch)

Holopeak reorganise minimalism, jazz, rock and electronica into a new sound world through extended improvised forms. Their new album Summit Over, is a powerful statement from young three creative visionaries set to embark on new Australian musical horizons.

Nick Mielczarek – gtr / Harry Birch – bas / Chloe Kim - drms

“The future of improvised music in Sydney” Sydney Morning Herald, John Shand

“They are following a real vision. A vision is rare. That vision, I feel, will lead them to very important new Australian musical horizons.” Barney McAll


Steve Barry Blueprints Trio

Pianist Steve Barry’s transformation to absorb and develop an improvised language built on twentieth century serial music has been nothing short of astonishing. He continues this exploration with his Blueprints Trio, featuring music from his release Blueprints & Vignettes.

Steve Barry – pno / Jacques Emery – bas / Alex Imman-Hislop - drms

Sam Gill’s Coursed Waters

Sam Gill’s Coursed Waters showcases his three years of studying with drummer Simon Barker in music that simultaneously transfixes and disorients. Featuring music from his recent release, Many Altered Returns, Gill has proven to be a new voice in Australian jazz to take note of.

Sam Gill – sax / Novak Manojlovic – pno / Jacques Emery – bas / James McLean - drms

Ellen Kirkwood + Hilary Giddes UNDERWARDS

We live in weird and unsettling times. The lens of our subconscious can cloud our vision, but sometimes it seems we’re all sharing the same sense of unease. In a set of sketches, improvisations and vignettes, Underwards attempts to voice the murmurings that sometimes bubble up. The brainchild of trumpeter/composer Ellen Kirkwood, Underwards is her latest project following the success of [A]part, her project with Sirens Big Band and special guests. Kirkwood recently received the 2019 APRA Art Music NSW State Award for Excellence in Jazz and has just returned from a trip to New York where she studied with some of the world’s leading creative improvisors including Kris Davis, Ralph Alessi and Drew Gress. Guitarist Hilary Geddes is the 2019 recipient of the Jann Rutherford Memorial Award, and is highly in demand for her characterful and creative playing, having performed recently with Mike Nock and Barney McAll, amongst many others.

Ellen Kirkwood - trumpet, vocals / Hilary Geddes - guitar, vocals, effects

About Earshift Music

Founded in 2009 by Jeremy Rose, Earshift Music is a Sydney based Jazz Record Label reflecting the next generation of talent from the Australian jazz scene with a global reach. Described by NYC Records as "hell bent on pushing the very definition of jazz," Earshift is a forward-thinking label that not only helps distribute new music but develops creative strategies for musicians in a rapidly evolving music industry. With a musician as director, Earshift has developed a sphere of like-minded artists, fostering not only a scene but a community, crossing generations, gender, diversity and borders.