The Vampires / Chellowdene


The Vampires / Chellowdene

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Jeremy Rose - alto saxophone
Nick Garbett - trumpet
Alex Boneham - double bass
Alex Masso - drums
Shannon Barnett - trombone
Fabian Hevia - percussion

1. La Vida Dura (Garbett) 
2. Euro Schmarp (Garbett) 
3. Theres More to Life than Being a Vampire (Rose) 
4. Chellowdene (Rose) 
5. I Saw Blue Then White (Rose) 
6. Jump for Emma (Garbett) 
7. Red Head (Rose) 
8. El Franco (Rose) 
9. Balkan Dance (Rose) 

Total Playing time: 47:40

Recorded by Robin Gray at Allan Eaton Studio, St Kilda, 3 May 2009
Mixed by Richard Belkner at Free Energy Device, 23-24 July 2009
Mastered by Oscar Gaona at 301, 7 August 2009
Liner Note Booklet Photos by Pani Paul
Cover Art by Matt Bromhead; "Didactics" 2009
Design & artwork photo by Tanya Dyhin