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TIRO is the fourth album by The Vampires. 

The band's saxophonist/composer Jeremy Rose describes Tiro as taking a new direction for the group: “This album casts a wide net of influences but particularly draws from my recent travels and musical studies in Greece and Cuba." The album was draws inspiration from trumpeter Nick Garbett's travels to the Pacific island of Palau and Colombia, and Alex Boneham's sojourn in Rome over the past year. "These musical ‘postcards’ come together conceptually well," explains Rose. 

The album also features a recording debut for Jeremy on tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone and clarinet, as well as Alex Masso’s work on cajon and additional percussion. The album also features two remixes by producer Paul Bromley. 

Jeremy Rose - soprano, alto, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Nick Garbett - trumpet and flugel horn
Alex Boneham - double bass
Alex Masso - drums and percusssion

1. Mandala (Rose) 
2. Palau (Garbett) 
3. Tiro (Garbett) 
4. Pseudoscience (Rose) 
5. Beautiful Decay (Rose) 
6. Tiro (Tanuki Remix) 
7. Zen Cowboy (Rose) 
8. Agios Lavrentios (Rose) 
9. Colombiana (Garbett) 
10. Mandala (Tanuki remix) 
11. Brother Sykes (Garbett) 

Recorded 9 & 12 August 2013 by Ted Howard at Rancom St Studios, Botany NSW Australia
Mixed 19-20 August 2013 by Richard Belkner at Free Energy Device Studios
Mastered 29 August 2013 by Michael Lynch

Mandala (remix) and Tiro (remix) by Paul Bromley at Tanuki Lounge Studios, West End, Brisbane

Cover Art Photography by Peter Garbett
Art by Ella Egidy

Produced by Jeremy Rose, Nick Garbett, Alex Boneham and Alex Masso

Released November 7, 2013

"Brother Sykes" is dedicated to the memory, family and friends of Matthew Sykes who tragically lost his life spearfishing off the NSW Coast in January 2013. Matt's free spirit, deep knowledge of the ocean and love of those around him shone through in his music. From Nick Garbett: "I feel very fortunate to have known him, dived with him and made music with him. This song was written in Bendalong, one of Matty's favoured dive locations which the swell was down."


The Australian - October 5 2013
4/5 Stars

‘…The frontline duo sound of brass and reeds remains and their melodic integrity is strong, combined with originality and musical narrative. However there are a couple of difference: some new rhythms are explored and, in addition to alto, Rose plays tenor and soprano sax as well as clarinet, while Garbett adds flugelhorn to trumpet and Alex Boneham uses acoustic and electric bass… This album is a worthy addition to the growing collection of engaging Vampires compositions, played with individual flair.’ 

Australian Jazz - October 31 2013

‘…A dubby fanfare from Jeremy Rose and Nick Garbett and we are off into the new Vampires album, Tiro – into that unique Vampires place where Ornette Coleman jams at Black Ark, while New York traffic snarls by outside and Bondi surf laps at our (tapping) toes…. Overall Tiro is more blues, more downbeat and definitely more truly beautiful than Garfish. It is a leap, horizontally and vertically, from that 2012 album. The band and the compositions widening and deepening as any great band does as it evolves. 

The Advertiser - October 15 2013

‘…The quartet, adding bass and drums to brass and reeds has a uniquely original sound of melodic integrity and a strong musical narrative…Each member is an expert soloist with the emphasis on the front line where Garbett’s high register smears and ligthing runs were complemented by Rose’s insightful inventions.'